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Icon with water-gilding on linden wood. Icon painting that employs the most suitable colors and application of egg-tempera paints. Water-gilding with gold leaf 24K.

The Theotokos is second only to the Holy Trinity and as Odigitria or Directress she is depicted in bust form holding the infant Christ, who has His right hand extended in blessing.

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Icon with water-gilding on natural linden wood. The wood has been prepared in heat and gilded with gold leaf 24K, in accordance with traditional Byzantine techniques. The icon has been painted with egg-tempera paints for best performance and endurance of colors used. The colors were chosen based on studies and analyses of older icons by renowned iconographers, after ARTIS had first conducted conservation treatments on them.

After the Persons of the Holy Trinity, the Mother of God is considered by the Church to be the chief contributor to the realization of God’s  plan of salvation for the human race. The Theotokos is depicted in bust form as the Vrephokratousa (Holding the child Christ). In terms of iconography, the image takes the full figure Odigitria icon as its model, in which it is distinguished by the Theotokos’ right hand  extended before her chest. The Mother of God is holding Christ in her left arm. She has her head turned toward her divine Child and she is holding her right hand before her chest in supplication. Christ is seated upright, holding a closed scroll in His left hand while He blesses with His right hand.



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