Premium Replica of the original icon. The reproduction is being carried out with the most advanced printing technology, that gives a work of unique quality. Select between the 22K gold plated or the coloured background and obtain a work of exceptional aesthetics.

Saint Eustratios was martyred during the harsh persecution of Christians under Diocletion, together with Saints Auxentios, Eugenios, Mardarios and Orestes. He is commemorated on 13 December.

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Premium Replica of the original icon, on natural linden wood. The wood surface has been prepared in heat and by the use of traditional materials (organic glue, gesso), that provide greater color durability over the years. The painting reproduction was carried out with the most advanced printing and production technology, giving a work of unique quality. Select between the 22k gold plated or the coloured background and obtain a work of exceptional aesthetics.

Saint Gregory the Theologian was born in 329 in Arianzus of Cappadocia to Gregory, bishop of Nazianzus and his wife Nona. He received his middle education in Caesarea, where he became friends with his classmate Basil the Great. Afterwards, he went to study under famous teachers of rhetoric in Palestine and Alexandria, and finally to the philosophers in Athens. Despite being offered many opportunities to teach rhetoric in Athens, Gregory returned to his homeland after completing his studies. His father, the bishop of Nazianzus, ordained him to the priesthood. At 43 years old, God raised him up to the rank of bishop, and he assumed his place in the see of Sasima. In 378 AD, Divine Providence brought him to Constantinople, where he showed himself to be an amazing defender of Orthodoxy against the Arians. In the Church of Saint Anastasia, he gave his five famous theological orations, for which later generations bestowed upon him the title of “Theologian”. After intense struggle, Theodosius the Great made him Patriarch of Constantinople. The Second Ecumenical Council recognised him as its presiding bishop. However, a portion of the bishops opposed him for trivial reasons. Then, Gregory submitted his resignation and departed for his homeland of Arianzus, where he reposed in peace in 390 AD. He was one of the great figures of Christianity and the most brilliant champions of the Orthodox faith. His holy skull is kept at the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi on Mount Athos and his memory is honoured on the 25th of January.This original icon was painted on Mt. Athos, by the monks of the Holy Koutloumousian Cell of Saint John the Theologian.



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