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Icon with water-gilding on linden wood. Icon painting that employs the most suitable colors and application of egg-tempera paints. Water-gilding with gold leaf 24K.

Saint Pantaleimon was a doctor by education and a Christian by faith and baptism. Two miracles were occasion for the Saint’s martyrdom. In the end, the Saint was executed by beheading. His memory is honoured on the 27th of July.
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Icon with water-gilding on natural linden wood. The wood has been prepared in heat and gilded with gold leaf 24K, in accordance with traditional Byzantine techniques. The icon has been painted with egg-tempera paints for best performance and endurance of colors used. The colors were chosen based on studies and analyses of older icons by renowned iconographers, after ARTIS had first conducted conservation treatments on them.

Saint Pantaleimon hailed from Nicomedia in Asia Minor. By education he was a doctor, and by faith and baptism a Christian. Once, when a young man died from the poison of a viper’s bite, Saint Panteleimon called on the name of Christ and raised him from the dead. A different miracle, however, was the occasion for his martyrdom. Panteleimon was brought before the king, who ordered his torture, hoping that he would persuade the Saint to renounce his faith. He did not give into these pressures, however, because the Lord appeared to him in the form of his spiritual father, Ermolaos, and gave him courage. In the end, the king ordered the Saint’s beheading. As soon as the executioner took the sword in hand to execute the Saint, the sword bent in half. Seeing this miracle, the soldiers nearby were converted to Christ. His memory is honoured on the 27th of July.


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