Premium Replica of the original icon. The reproduction is being carried out with the most advanced printing technology, that gives a work of unique quality. Acquire an artwork of exceptional aesthetics.

Saint Theodore of Tiron was a brave soldier. He remained steadfast in his faith, burning the temple of the mother of the gods, Rhea, together with her idol. Saint Theodore the Stratilates was also a soldier. He refused to sacrifice to idols and was tortured and beheaded. In the Greek Church, the two Saints Theodore are celebrated together on the first Saturday of Lent.

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Premium Replica of the original icon, on natural linden wood. The wood surface has been prepared in heat and by the use of traditional materials (organic glue, gesso), that provide greater color durability over the years. The painting reproduction was carried out with the most advanced printing and production technology, giving a work of unique quality. Acquire an artwork of exceptional aesthetics. 

Saint Theodore of Tiron came from the village of Amaseia, located near the Black Sea and lived during the reigns of the emperors Maximian, Galerius and Maximinus. It is called Tiron, because it was enlisted in the army of Tiron, that is, of the new recruits, who were commanded by the praepositus Vrigas. When the Saint was accused of being a Christian, he was summoned for questioning. There, he confessed his faith in Christ without hesitation. Vrigas did not want to proceed with the arrest and punishment of Saint Theodore, but let him think and answer him a little later. He believed that Theodore would change and eventually sacrifice to idols. The Great Martyr, not only remained immovable in his faith, but also burned the temple of the mother of the gods, Rhea, together with her idol. Then, he was immediately arrested and thrown by the pagans into a burning furnace, where he was found dead. His memory is commemorated on February 17. Saint Theodore the Stratilates came from the Euchaita of Galatia and lived in Heraklion near the Black Sea. A soldier by profession, he was distinguished for his bravery and was quickly promoted to the highest ranks of the military hierarchy. When in 320 AD Licinius ruled in Nicomedia, heard that Theodore was a Christian and hated idols. Licinius went to Heraklion, where he was brilliantly received by Theodore, to whom Licinius extended his hand, hoping that through Theodore he would attract Christians to the religion of idols. One day, in front of the people, Licinius urged Theodore to sacrifice to the idols. Theodore refused and asked to be given the gold and silver statuettes of the gods, which he tore to pieces and distributed to the poor. Licinius accused Theodore of being a mocker and a scorner of idols. For this reason, he was arrested and immediately began to be subjected to various punishments. Licinius, fearing the wrath of the mob, ordered that he be beheaded. His memory is honored on June 8. Work of the iconographic studio of the Brotherhood Ch.E.



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