Wunda Size water mixtion glue is suitable for gluing metal sheets (gold, silver, white gold and faux-gold) onto any surface. The leaves can be applied after 10–15 minutes. For best results, it is recommended that the layers of glue be as thin and even as possible. It is stored in a cool place, closed and away from direct light and heat.



Vulpex is a liquid soap in concentrated form that is widely used in the conservation and cleaning of works of art. It is an alkaline, non-toxic product that is ideal for removing pollutants and other foreign elements (fats, oils, etc.) from the surface of the work. It is appropriate for use in conservation treatments of wall-paintings, portable ecclesiastical icons and other painted works, wood, fabric and leather works, as well as paper material. For best use and management of Vulpex, dilute with water or White Spirit.



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