ARTIS Gilding & Restoring was founded in 2003 by a group of specialist scientists and talented artists. It’ s objective to provide integrated services in the domains of art conservation-restoration, water-gilding, and artwork creation, including replica production, monumental art and decorative functional ensembles.

The systematic and decades-long examination, research and documentation of traditional techniques, ensure that we provide premium aesthetic and diachronic products of the highest quality standards. Moreover, we achieve this outcome by remaining current on the modern trends and technologies, with respect to innovative methods and new artistic materials.

At the same time, the implementation of specialized art conservation treatments, traditional water-gilding and burnishing, iconography, the production of exact replicas, and art deco applications, are all undertakings that demand intricate craftsmanship, longstanding experience, technical expertise, aesthetical considerations, as well as continual engagement in international scientific advancements and technological developments.

In this way, it is ensured of the artefacts of cultural heritage are protected and promoted, and that contemporary works of similar magnitude are produced.

ARTIS Gilding & Restoring operates and evolves within this framework, continuously investing in its personnel, so that all of its departments may be staffed by the most qualified and properly trained professionals and technicians that are able to select and implement the optimal, practical and ethical solutions for every project. Each work of art is approached on its own terms, paying attention to detail.

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