is the electronic shop for the display and distribution of products, by means of the internet, of the Greek general partnership “Artis Gilding & Restoring”, based in Thessaloniki. Before entering the electronic shop and browsing the webpage, we ask you to consult the below terms of use that are put in place specifically for access to the electronic shop of “Artis Gilding & Restoring”, at the address

Make certain that you agree with  the terms and conditions of usage, as they are formulated in the below headings. By visiting the pages of the present website and engaging in possible future transactions with the webpage, which is governed by the terms below, the visitor implicitly gives his or her complete acceptance of the present terms and conditions.

Artis Gilding & Restoring reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew the present terms and conditions of transactions that occur through the electronic shop. Artis Gilding & Restoring accepts the obligation of informing users of any possible modifications of these terms and conditions by means of the webpage of the present electronic shop. It should be clear that any change of terms does not include or affect past orders and transactions, which have already been carried out.


Artis Gilding & Restoring is committed to the completeness and validity of the information contained in its webpage (, both with regard to the existence of the essential characteristics that in each case are attributed to each product being distributed, but also with regard to the accuracy of the information insofar as it is relevant to the services provided by the electronic shop of Artis Gilding & Restoring.

There is always the risk of technical or typographic errors, which have escaped the attention of the company or have arisen either involuntarily or on account of possible brief interruptions of webpage functioning due to unforeseen external factors. We make the greatest effort possible to listen to the needs and demands of our customers and to provide them with services of the highest quality, through continual quality and functionality control measures.


The webpage is the official website of Artis Gilding & Restoring.  All of the page’s content, which is posted by Artis Gilding & Restoring, including images, graphics, photographs, designs, text, provided services and products constitute the intellectual property of Artis Gilding & Restoring and are protected by relevant decrees of Greek Law, European Law and International Agreements.

The names, images, trademarks and distinguishing features that represent Artis Gilding & Restoring and/or its electronic shop and appear on its websites and other associated webpages are exclusively trademarks and distinguishing features of Artis Gilding & Restoring and/or of All of the above mentioned are protected by Greek, common and international laws about commercial trademarks, industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition.

In each case, their appearance and display on the webpage should not in any way be understood as a transference or granting of permission of their right of usage, and are not covered under freedom of use or other claims.


The primary obligation of the visitor to the current page is acceptance of the terms and conditions for use and an in-depth understanding of those same terms and conditions so that all potential misunderstanding is avoided.

The users of the webpage and the electronic shop of Artis Gilding & Restoring agree that they will not use it for the transference, publication or transportation in any way of any content whatsoever that may be illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, bothersome, slanderous, disreputable, vulgar, immodest, libellous, content which constitutes a violation of the privacy of another, shows hatred, or expresses racial, national or any other form of discrimination. Also any content whatsoever that may cause harm to minors has no right to be transmitted according to legal provisions, contractual or administrative relations (such as internal information, proprietary or confidential information that was obtained or revealed as part of working relations or which was covered by non-disclosure agreements). User activity should not violate any patents, commercial trademarks, intellectual property rights of a third party, contain viruses that infect operating systems or any other kind of harmful code, files or programmes that have been designed with the intent of interrupting, causing harm, destruction or obstruction of the functioning of the operating system or data of computers, voluntarily or involuntarily, anything which violates existing Greek and common law and its decrees, or which constitutes harassment of others in any way and any content whatsoever used for the collection or storage of users’ personal data.


Artis Gilding & Restoring recognizes the importance of the security of your personal data and electronic transactions. Toward this end, we take every necessary measure, using the most modern and developed methods, to safeguard user security to the greatest possible degree. All information related to your personal data and transactions are secure and private. The security that governs each interaction with the electronic shop of Artis Gilding & Restoring is secured and achieved with the following methods:

Customer Recognition

Two elements are used to recognize every member: Username and Password. Each time they are validated together they provide you with access to your personal information with complete security.

Of course, each member is given the ability to change his personal password and e-mail address, as often as he or she desires. Each member is exclusively responsible for maintaining the secrecy of his or her personal access information and its concealment from third parties. In case it is lost or leaked, he or she should immediately notify the administrator of the webpage. If the user fails to do this, the electronic shop of Artis Gilding & Restoring does not bear any responsibility for the use of a member’s password by a non-authorised person.

For reasons of security, each user is advised to change his or her password regularly and to avoid using older and easily guessed passwords (such as date of birth). Additionally, we recommend the use of not only letters and numbers but also symbols in the password creation process. Security is better ensured by increasing the complexity of a password.

Guarantee of Privacy for the Transfer of Personal Data

In order to ensure privacy in the transfer of personal data, we make use of SSL protocol encryption.

Transaction Privacy

Maintenance of privacy is of obvious importance and constitutes a commitment of the company.

The same basic principles that govern in-person transactions are also valid in the case of e-commerce. All of the information that is sent by the user-member to Artis Gilding & Restoring is confidential, and Artis Gilding & Restoring has taken all of the necessary measures so that its use occurs exclusively to the degree judged necessary within the context of providing its services. Only authorized employees have access to information regarding the transactions of members and only when this is absolutely necessary, e.g. for the completion of orders.

This is a good opportunity to note that Artis Gilding & Restoring does not reveal the personal information of customers and their transactions unless there exists documented authorisation from you or this is imposed by the decision of a court or a decision of another public authority that falls under the relevant legislation.

Under the provisions of the decrees of chapter 7 of the existing legislation dealing with personal data, you can seek that any information whatsoever be kept about you, or ask for its correction when it is possible to show that an error has occurred.

For your personal security, you yourself must handle all information that you provide by means of the service, being highly confidential and private and so that there is no risk of its revelation to third parties.


During your visit to the pages of, you may be asked to provide personal information, such as your name, surname, occupation, e-mail address, product shipping address, etc. The above are necessary, as a rule, in order to complete your orders or provide our services at an optimal level. The personal information that you input anywhere on the pages and the services of the website are saved exclusively for reasons concerning your transactions with us, improving the ability to provide services and ensuring the functioning of those same services. It is clearly not permitted for this information to be used by any other third party (except for those competent authorities as provided for in the law).

In each case, only specific, properly trained employees of Artis Gilding & Restoring have access to your personal information. Access to your personal data by persons without proper authorisation is explicitly forbidden. Every necessary measure for the security of your personal data has been put into place. In exceptionally rare, special cases, your personal data may be shared with businesses that cooperate with Artis Gilding & Restoring in order to support, promote and complete your transaction with us, but always on the condition that they fully guarantee that your personal information will not be subject to any illegal processing.

Please communicate with us, making use of our special communication form, which is attached to the webpage, in order to be informed further concerning issues surrounding privacy and ensuring the protection of your personal data.


Artis Gilding & Restoring guarantees that customers will receive up to date information about the non-availability of finished products. The electronic shop of Artis Gilding & Restoring is not liable for technical problems that may present themselves to users when they attempt to access and navigate the website and the problems are related to the functioning of or compatibility with their own device.

Additionally, Artis Gilding & Restoring is not liable in any way for actions or oversights of third parties and particularly not for forbidden interventions by third parties in products and/or services and/or information that is made available via the website. Furthermore, it does not guarantee that the pages, services, choices and content will be provided unhindered without interruption or errors.


Artis Gilding & Restoring makes every possible effort to provide services of the highest quality. There always exists the very rare possibility of errors in prices and the description of secondary characteristics of products.

We advise you before carrying out purchases from our electronic store to visit the subsection “Help and Terms of Use” where you will find useful information regarding the process and manner of purchasing products.

It should also be noted that, for full transparency and efficiency of purchases, we ask that as soon as you discover that some product is being offered at an unusually high or low price compared to its usual market value, to communicate with our Customer Service Branch at (+30)2310729740 or by means of the communication form or the e-mail address on the company website, before proceeding to place your order,.

If the case arises that one of your orders is left pending, then a corresponding e-mail will be sent to you. Alternatively, we will communicate with you at the telephone number that you have declared during your registration on the site.

There is no means by which to deactivate or pause these updates, the sending of which constitutes a condition for the correct carrying out of your order. Please do not delete these e-mails until your transaction is complete. According to the general terms that govern our transactions, it is your obligation to please inform us without delay if you have not received the relevant e-mails.


Artis Gilding & Restoring are particularly concerned about the potential needs of its customers. Hence, we provide the possibility of canceling your order, under specific conditions.

Before the online portion of placing the order is completed, during the electronic process, you can click “back” and remove quantities of products from your cart by pressing the “cancel” button.

If the above process has already been completed and you wish to cancel your order, you should contact us immediately (+30 2310729740), using as a point of reference your personal information and the confirmation number that was sent to you during the completion of your order. The timeframe for cancellation of an order is defined as less than 24 hours after its placement and before it has been shipped. Returns are accepted only after direct communication with our customer service department.

If a particular product has some manufacturing defect or apparent abrasion which occurred during its manufacturing, then Artis Gilding & Restoring will work to resolve the issue.

By exercising the right to a return when there is no manufacturing issue, you are obligated to return the product to us in its original, excellent condition, as it was delivered to you, as well as to provide clear and indisputable proof that you have clearly sent it within 14 calendar days.

In the case that the agreed period of time has passed and/or some later damage has occurred to the object, the responsibility lies exclusively with the purchaser and Artis Gilding & Restoring is not liable in any way.

If the shipping costs of returning a product exceed the cost of its total postal service, these costs are not covered by Artis Gilding & Restoring and the responsibility of the customer.

You do not have the right to return a product in the cases covered by article 3ιβ of n.2251/94 and in any other case in which there is no legal provision or in the present case according to the law.


Payment with Debit Card:

The Artis Gilding & Restoring electronic shop accepts Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. Your transactions on our electronic shop are protected by the above systems of online security, which guarantee a safe environment for transactions. For purchases with your debit cart, simply follow the step-by-step instructions that you find on our electronic shop. You should fill out the respective information that will be required from you such as the card number and expiration date of your card, as well as the three-digit number (CVV) which is written on the back side of your credit or debit card.

If the order is being made on behalf of a company, then the information and card that you use must be a business or corporate card. In other words, it must be issued using the information of the corresponding company.

Payment upon receipt of order at your address (Payment upon delivery):

The method of payment upon delivery is only valid for regions within Greece. You pay the assistant of our company, who forwards and deliver the order to your address.

*According to the existing tax regulations, items worth more than 1500€ (with VAT) to private persons (Retail Receipt) and items worth more than 500€ (before VAT) to professionals/businesses (Sales Invoice) can be paid only using the following means:

Deposit/Wire Transfer to a bank account

Charge on a credit or debit card

Receipt and Payment of order at the store Artis Gilding & Restoring:

You still have the ability at the final stage of completing your order to select as a method of receipt “pick up from store”, in which you can come to our store in person in order to complete the ordering process.

A representative of our store will communicate with you promptly. If you choose to pay for your order with your credit card, we must inform you that the charge will happen at the store. You will need to bring with you your credit card and legal identification card (or passport) in order to pay for you order at the cash desk of the store.

Furthermore, you can pre-pay for your order at one of the following bank accounts that we work with:

ALPHA: IBAN GR2601404870487002320002715

PIRAEUS: IBAN GR1701722130005213057488966

Afterwards, please send a copy of your bank transaction receipt by fax to (+30) 2310729741 or by e-mail to, specifying the number of your order so that we can quickly and easily identify it. Upon receiving the copy of your bank transaction, we will process your order.

Payment through PayPal

When you select PayPal as your method of payment, you will be brought automatically to the PayPal website to complete your transaction and payment for your order.

PayPal is a well-known, safe and credible mediator for online transactions. If you do not already have a PayPal account, you can register here, using your credit/debit card or your bank account.

It should also be noted that the transactions carried out through PayPal can be used only when a product is to be delivered to the customer’s address and cannot be combined with other methods of payment.

For questions and further information about payment, you can see more here. The transactions carried out through PayPal are governed by the Terms and Conditions of the PayPal service.


Immediately after your order has been completed, a message similar to the following example will appear on your screen: “YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN COMPLETED. THANK YOU. The number of your order is 71243. Please check your e-mail. We have sent you a confirmation e-mail with the details of your order.”


During periods of extreme weather or labour strikes, as well as in cases of force majeure, the transportation and delivery of your order may be affected.

Also, in cases where communication with the customer is not possible either by telephone or e-mail because of incorrect or out-of-date information, you may be met with potential delay. In each case, these delays will not exceed thirty days from the drawing up of the contract.


Artis Gilding & Restoring sends out regular newsletter by e-mail, but it is not responsible for ensuring that these messages reach their destination, even though it makes every possible effort in coordination with ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) for their delivery. There is always the possibility that such messages are placed in the spam folder. Thus, we ask that you check regularly that our messages are not being saved there. In order to minimise this possibility, we recommend that you add the e-mail address of Artis Gilding & Restoring to your list of favourites. In case you no longer wish to receive our newsletter or you wish to be deleted completely from the update system of Artis Gilding & Restoring, you can inform us using the communication form on the website. This update in your preferences with Artis Gilding & Restoring occurs only if you choose to do so and only for the amount of time you desire.

These Terms of Usage concern the presentation of goods and customer reviews, a service of They do not concern the entirety of the webpage, which functions according to its own Terms of Use.

By submitting a review or product presentation to you agree and guarantee that:

- The content of your product presentation is your own creation and not the intellectual property of another.

- The presentation does not contain vulgar language, religious or racial discrimination, offensive language against other members of and reviews of others, conversations about pirated software, illegal activities and deliberate abuse of product warranties and terms of usage.

- Your writing concerns the product being reviewed or presented; it should not mention the pricing of the product or be misleading or be deliberately defamatory.

- Your presentation should not contain the e-mail addresses, the personal information of others, telephone numbers, links to other stores, malicious webpages or webpages whose content is irrelevant to the product you are reviewing.

- You do not create many identical presentations (spamming).

- You agree that Artis Gilding & Restoring (including all of the staff, employees and colleagues of the business) are not liable for any legal or non-legal issue, for any natural or legal person, which may arise as a result of neglecting the above Terms of Usage.

- For every presentation and review that you submit, you grant Artis Gilding & Restoring full ownership of this material to be reproduced, modified, deleted in its entirety, adopted, published, translated, used in any electronic or printed form and sold, without you having intellectual property rights over it.

- Every product presentation and review can be used as Artis Gilding & Restoring deems fit. Artis Gilding & Restoring has the inviolable right to change, modify or delete any material that will be published on the website and subpages of, if it judges that the content constitutes a violation of the above Terms of Usage.

- Artis Gilding & Restoring does not guarantee that you will always have the ability to modify or delete the material which you upload via Despite this, Artis Gilding & Restoring has the right to remove or deny the publication of a product presentation or review for any reason whatsoever.

- By writing a product presentation or review on, you recognise that you alone are exclusively responsible for what you write and not Artis Gilding & Restoring.

- By providing your e-mail address along with your presentation and review of a product, you accept that Artis Gilding & Restoring has the right to use that e-mail address to communicate with you about the status of your presentation or review and for other administrative purposes.

- For Greek speaking users, we ask that you not use “greeklish”. Make your review easy to read and comprehendible by using Greek characters.


Artis Gilding & Restoring places a high priority on serving the needs of consumers and resolving possible problems that may arise from transactions between them and the company. In the case, however, that we cannot completely resolve possible issues that arise and if you believe that -to any degree- your rights have been violated by these transactions, you can seek dispute resolution by resorting to the Electric Platform for Dispute Resolution as provided for in article 14 of Regulation 524/2013. There you can submit for resolution any dispute which may have arisen. A national point of contact for Online Dispute Resolution in Greece has been defined as the European Consumer Centre of Greece, information about which and about dispute resolution can be found at the address

Additionally, you can address your complaint to the Hellenic Consumers’ Ombudsman ( The above do not in any way forfeit the rights which either party have to resort to the competent judicial authorities.

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