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Artis Gilding & Restoring seeks always to handle privacy protocol and the trust of its clients seriously and responsibly. For this reason, through the present document, we wish to provide you with all of the necessary information concerning the manner in which we collect, protect, use, save and process your personal information through our website and its mobile version intended for cell phone access. These websites exist in order to facilitate communication so that we can provide our customers with the best possible service. Additionally, you are able to communicate with us at any time using the e-mail address .

The present Privacy Policy is not valid for other websites, to which you may have access through the links on the present website and/or activities which are offered by the websites of these third parties. Please ensure that you have consulted the relevant policies of the websites of third parties, which you enter before continuing.

The site ARTISGR.SHOP is not liable for the collection and use of your personal information by these other third-party websites. ARTISGR.SHOP is registered as an individual business in Greece. Its registered office is located in Thessaloniki.

In the diagram below, you will find the table of contents and a brief summary of the present Privacy Policy.


The company Artis Gilding & Restoring is the only party responsible for processing personal data (i.e. information that identifies your particular person, such as full name or e-mail address), which we collect from and about your person, by means of the Company’s Services, which may be subject to processing under the terms of the present Privacy Policy.

The present Privacy Policy as well as the Policy regarding Cookies is valid for all users, including those who use the services of the Company without having registered or having subscribed to some Service of the Company, as well as those have registered or are subscribers to a Company Service.

As defined in our Terms of Use, the Company’s Services are offered to the general public, not children, and they do not purposefully collect the personal data of children under 16 years of age.


Our Company collects (1) registration data, during the process of either registering for our site or for a Service provided by the Company, (2) public data and publications that you share by means of a Service of the Company, (3) data that you have given permission to be shared on social networking platforms as well as with the Company, (4) data of your activity when you access and interact with a service of the Company. In more detail, the Company collects the following types of data from and about you:

  • Registration data, which is the information you provide in order to register for a Service of the Company, i.e. in order to create an account, to publish comments or receive our newsletter. Registration information can include, for example, name, surname, e-mail address, sex, country, zip code and date of birth.
  • Public data and publications, which are comprised of comments or content that you may have published through the Services of our Company and the accompanying personal data, which may include your pseudonym, username, comments or status, profile information or photograph. This approved information and related publications are always public, which means that they are available to everyone and may appear in the search results yielded by external search engines.
  • Data from social media platforms. If you obtain access or connect to a Service of our Company by means of a social media platform or you connect a service of the Company to a social media platform, among the data we collect may be included your username, information or content that you have uploaded to this social media platform may be shared with us, along with your profile picture. Furthermore, your e-mail address, friends lists as well as personal data that you have published in connection with this specific social media platform. In detail, when you obtain access to our Company’s Services through a social media platform, or when you connect one of our Company’s Services to a social media account, by extension you give authority to our Company to collect, save and make use of your relevant personal data and content in accordance with the present Privacy Policy.
  • Activity data. When you obtain access and interact with our Company’s Service, we may collect specific information related to these visits. For example, in order to make possible your connection with our Company’s Services, our servers receive and record information about your computer, your device and your web browser, potentially including your IP address, type of web browser and other hardware or software information. If you obtain access to the services of the Company by cell phone or other device, we may collect the unique identifier of this device, which has been assigned to this particular device, data of geographic distribution and other transaction data about this particular device. Additionally, we may collect cookies and other tracking technology (such as browser cookies, pixels, beacons and “Flash cookies” from Adobe Flash). These technologies may be used in the collection and storage of information about the user, on your part, of the Company Services, such as, for example, the pages that you have visited, video and other content that you have seen, search terms that you have submitted and advertisements that you have viewed. For more information, search our Policy regarding Cookies.
  • Data from other sources. We may supplement the information we collect with data from other sources, such as publicly available data about your activity, both online and offline, from social media platforms and commercially available sources.


We do not collect:

  • Financial information from a payment service provider: in certain cases, we may use a non-connected payment service in order to give you the ability to purchase a product or make payments (“Payment Service”). If you wish to purchase a product or to make a payment by means of a Payment Service, you will be directed to a webpage of the Payment Service. Whatever information you provide to the Payment Service will be subject to the privacy policy of the Payment Service and NOT to the present Privacy Policy. We have no control over and are not liable for any usage of your information collected by means of any Payment Service, on behalf of the Payment Service.
  • Sensitive information: we ask that you not send us or reveal to us sensitive personal information (such as social security numbers, information about your racial or ethnic background, political views, religion or other beliefs, health, criminal background, or your union participation) to our Company’s Services by means of these Services or by any other means.

Connected services

Finally, the Services of the Company may also be connected to websites, including social media websites, which are managed by non-cooperating companies, and may provide advertisements or offer content, functionality, games, newsletters, competitions or applications that are developed and maintained by other companies not connected with the present one. The Company is not responsible for the privacy practices of companies not connected with its own, and as soon as you depart from the website and Services of the Company Artis Gilding & Restoring, and you click on an advertisement, you must check the Privacy Policy in force for the other service.

These cookies “remember” your preferences while browsing our company’s site, so that we can suggest to you products suitable to your needs. With these cookies, you enjoy a personalized version of ARTISGR.SHOP, with the result that you are able to find more easily what you are looking for.

Functionality Cookies

These cookies “remember” your preferences while browsing our company’s site, so that we can suggest to you products suitable to your needs. With these cookies, you enjoy a personalized version of ARTISGR.SHOP, with the result that you are able to find more easily what you are looking for.


We use the personal data that we collect from you regarding your person:

    1. In order to provide Services and Functions that our Company offers in the best possible fashion,
    2. To measure, analyse and improve these Services and Functions of the Company,
    3. To improve your experience of the Services provided by the Company (both online as well as offline), by providing content that you may find relevant and interesting,
    4. So that we can allow you to comment on content and submit your criticism and observations,
    5. So that we can provide customer service and answer your questions,
    6. To protect the rights of the Company and others. For example, there may be cases in which the Company may use your personal data, including cases in which the Company thinks, in good faith, that this processing is essential for: (i) the protection, imposition or safeguarding of the legal rights, security or property of the Company, of Company subsidiaries or of its employees, representatives, contractors, licensors and suppliers (including in the implementation of agreements and our terms of use), (ii) the protection of the security, privacy and security of users of Company Services or citizens, (iii) the protection of the Company as well as other involved third parties, such as suppliers of the Company, from fraud or for risk management purposes,
    7. For the purposes of conforming to existing laws or legal processes and/or in order to comply with demands from competent governmental authorities.
    8. In order to complete a corporate exchange such as a proposed or real reorganisation, merger, sale, consortium, transfer or other distribution of the whole or part of the Company’s activities, assets or stocks of the business (including bankruptcy or similar proceedings). For example, if the Company takes part in the merger or transfer of the whole or part of its activities, the Company may reveal and transfer your personal data to the party or parties which are participating in the exchange as party of this exchange,
    9. To allow the functioning of social exchange – if you connect or are connected with the Services of the Company through an account on a social media platform, we may share your username, photograph and your “likes”, as well as your activities and your comments with other users of the Company Services and with your friends that are connected via your social media platform. Additionally, we may share the same personal data with social media platform service provider, (not necessary)
    10. So that we can send (via e-mail, SMS, telephone, chat and social media platforms), with your prior consent, offers, promotions and other commercial announcements related to the Services of the Company.
    11. So that we can send, with your prior consent, commercial announcements tailored to your interests and needs through different means of communication mentioned in point (i) above.

We may use anonymous data or data that do not identify you personally, even indirectly for whatever purpose or we may share that data with third parties while protecting your anonymity (i.e. statistics).


Our processing of your personal data occurs for the purposes:

Of Section 3, points 1) through 6) of the present Privacy Policy, when this processing is essential in providing the desired services and, toward that end, is obligatory, since otherwise our provision of these services would not be able to occur in the best possible manner.

Of Section 3, point 7) of the present Privacy Policy, when this processing is required in order to comply with existing laws and, thus, is obligatory.

Of Section 3, point 8) of the present Privacy Policy, when this processing is carried out based on the legal interest of the Company and all involved parties so that they can carry out the described forms of economic activity. This interest is sufficiently balanced with your own interest, given that the processing of your data occurs within the limits strictly necessary for the carrying out of these forms of economic activity. This activity of data processing is not obligatory and you can put forth objections at any moment as described in Section 11 of the present Privacy Policy.

On the other hand, the processing of your personal data for other purposes:

Of Section 3, point 9), in which this processing is up to your own discretion, but without your consent, it is impossible to connect any of your accounts on social media platforms with the Service of the Company. To this end, it is necessary to connect to the Company Service using a different mechanism.

Of Section 3, points 10) and 11), in which this processing again is up to your own discretion, but without your consent, it is is impossible for the Company and/or third parties to provide you with general commercial announcements of the Company and services/products or announcements from third parties based on your interests and needs, as well as to provide you with services with the same business name.

You may recall at any time your consent to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of Section 3, points 9) through 11) by sending a message of notification to the e-mail address provided in Section 11 below.


Your personal data undergoes processing both through electronic as well as non-automatic means and is protected with appropriate security measures, making use of the latest technologies and taking into account the cost of realising it, but also the nature, field, framework and purpose of this processing. Specifically, our Company uses appropriate administrative, technical measures, which pertain to its staff, as well as natural measures that seek to protect personal information in its possession, from loss, theft and non-authorised use, publication or modification.


For the purposes listed above in Section 3 in accordance with and within the limits of the regulations of Section 7 below, The Company may share your personal data with the following categories of recipients within or outside of the European Union:

  1. With third party service providers, entrusted with the activities of collecting and processing data, when it is demanded by existing laws.
  2. With connected or cooperating partner companies in their capacity as responsible for data processing or as processors of data.

Data may be transferred to countries within and outside the European Economic Area and particularly to America. The European Union recognises that certain countries outside the EEA provide a sufficient level of data protection in accordance with EEA standards. A full catalogue of these countries is available at the address .


You have the right, at any moment, to:

Receive confirmation about what your personal information is and to be notified about its content and origin, to verify its accuracy and seek its correction, updating or modification.

Seek its deletion, anonymity or the limitation of the processing of any personal data that has undergone processing in violation of enforced Law.

Oppose its processing, in all cases, of your personal data for legal reasons.

You can send your request to the address referenced in Section 11 below. In your request, please include your personal information – e-mail address, name, address and telephone number and make unambiguously clear the information that you would like to have access to, change, update, cancel or delete.

We remind you that even after the cancellation of your account, or if you ask that we delete your personal data, copies of certain information from your account may remain visible in certain cases in which, for example, you have shared information on social media platforms or other services or, for example, when maintaining certain copies is necessary in order to comply with legal obligations or for the purposes of legal defence. On account of the nature of temporary storage technology, your account may not be immediately accessible to others. Additionally, we may preserve information in created security copies regarding your account on our servers, for some interval of time after the cancellation or deletion request, in order to fully comply with existing legislation.

Furthermore, you may revoke your consent with regards to:

receiving electronic announcements from us. If you do not wish to receive any longer advertisement e-mail messages from us, you can unsubscribe from these advertising e-mail messages. By following the directions for unsubscribing to our announcements, or by changing your preferences in the settings of your user profile, if you are a registered user, as well as through our consent management tool which is available on our website, if you are a registered user. You may also send a request to the e-mail address mentioned in Section 11 of the Privacy Policy. In each case, the Company may continue to send you administrative announcements concerning the provision of the Services of the Company.

In all of the above cases, we may communicate with you and seek further information from you, if this is necessary for the proper fulfilment of your request. Additionally, the rights described below in Section 9 are now in effect as of 25 March 2018.


As of 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been passed into law and the following clauses are now in effect:

Legal storage periods for your personal data 

We maintain your data only for the period of time necessary to fulfil the purposes for which that data was collected, as described in the present Privacy Policy. In each case, the following periods of data storage related to processing your personal data are in effect for the reasons mentioned below:

  • The data collected for the purposes mentioned in Section 3, points 1) through 8) of the present Privacy Policy, are stored for the whole duration in which the Company is providing one of its Services, along with a prescribed time limit in accordance with each legislation in force, after the end of the Company Service. The data collected for the purposes of Section 3, point 8) of the present Privacy Policy are stored for the period of time that is necessary in order for you to connect to the Company Service by means of a social network account, and
  • The data collected for purposes listed in Section 3, point 10) are stored in a form allowing identification of the subjects of that data, only for the period required for the purposes of processing your personal data. Personal data may be stored for greater periods of time, as long as these personal data will undergo processing for archival purposes serving the interest of the public good, for purposes of scientific or historical research, or for statistical purposes, in accordance with article 89 / paragraph 1 of the General Data Protection Regulation and as long as the appropriate technical and organizational measures are implemented, which the present regulation requires for the safeguarding of the rights and freedoms of the subject of the data (“limitation of the period of storage”).


At the end of the period of storage, your personal data will be deleted, made anonymous or destroyed.

Additional Rights 

Besides the rights mentioned in Section 8 of the present Privacy Policy and in the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation, you will also have the right, at any time, to:

  • Ask the company to restrict the processing of your Personal Data in the case that:
    • You doubt the accuracy of those personal data, until we take the appropriate measures to correct or verify their accuracy.
    • The processing is illegal, but you do not want us to delete your personal data.
    • We no longer need your personal data for the purposes of processing, but you require them for the creation, exercise or defence of legal requests.
    • You are opposed to the processing on account of legal interests, awaiting verification with regard to if the Company has urgent legitimate reasons to continue the processing.
  • Oppose the processing of your personal data,
  • Seek the deletion of your personal data without unjustifiable delay,
  • Submit a denunciation to the competent supervisory authority for the protection of data.

The Company may modify or update the present Privacy Policy for any reason, including, for example, changes to the applicable Law and the interpretations, decisions, opinions and decrees related to this applicable Law.

Please refer back to the Effective Date above in the present Privacy Policy, in order to see the last time that it was revised. Any changes to the present Privacy Policy will be announced in advance before the publication of the revised Privacy Policy by the Services of the Company. In the case that we go on to make substantial changes to the present Privacy Policy, which change the nature of our data processing or extend our rights with regard to the use of personal data that we have already collected from you, we will notify you, and we will provide options regarding the future use of your personal data, as may be demanded by the legislation in effect.


If you have any questions regarding the legislation surrounding your personal data or if you believe that your rights have been violated, you may address your query to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, Leof. Kifisias 1, Athens 11523, tel. (+30) 2106475600 or at the electronic address .


If you have questions regarding the present Privacy Policy, we ask that you contact our company, Artis Gilding & Restoring, Ioanni Kapodistria 15, Thessaloniki. Telephone: (+30) 2310-729740, as well as at the e-mail address: We are always at your service.

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